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My Display Finder makes choosing the ideal display, getting the best price, and finding a great vendor the simplest part of your event.

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your trade show booth is just a few clicks away.

My Display Finder makes choosing the ideal display, getting the best price, and finding a great vendor simple and easy.

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Orient Banner Stand Display
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The Process.

This video walks you through the entire process of submitting a request and receiving offers. It's super easy and we're so happy for you to see how simple it is to request and buy your next display.

Display Keywords

How it works.

Easily describe your display by determining your budget, selecting the size, layout, and style.

Simply choose a series of keywords and phrases to describe your, booth space, display functionality, and style.

Even if you're completely unfamiliar with trade show displays, we'll explain the various options and guide you through the process. This process ensures that you're comfortable and accurately describing your booth needs and display functionality.

How it works.

Send your display request and receive offers that match your display description.

Your request goes to all of our vendors with a simple click of a button. Shortly after you will receive multiple offers that match your request details. Simply choose which offer(s) fits your needs best and reach out to the vendor(s) for more details or to finalize the purchase.

Our vendors are fully vetted to ensure that the offers you receive are accurate and the products and services they provide are of the highest quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of displays can I request?

Our request process offers the ability to request a very wide range of displays based on budget, style, booth space, booth configuration, and any needed add-ons such a flooring or monitor stands.

How many offers will I receive?

Depending on your request details the amount of offers you might receive will vary. Typically you will receive 2-3 offers from different vendors and each offer may include several relevant display options.

Am I obligated to accept an offer?

There is no obligation to accept an offer from a vendor. If for whatever reason the offer does not fit your needs simply ignore or decline the offer and move on to the next one.

What type of offers will I receive?

The offers that you will receive are based on the details you selected when submitting your request.

Do I purchase display products with My Display Finder?

Purchases aren not made through My Display Finder. We simply connect you with relevant vendors and offers and you can choose if you would like to work with them or not.

Why do I have to sign-up or sign-in?

We require that you sign-up or sign-in so that we can provide a convenient and efficient way to monitor current and past request, as well as all related offers. The dashboard also allows a way to communicate with the vendor(s) without getting spammed with emails that aren't relevant to your needs.‍

Is there any cost involved?

There is absolutely zero cost throughout the entire process. Simply sign-up/sign-in and send as many requests as you want. Shortly after submitting a request you will begin to receive offers from our trusted vendors.‍

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